MedPorts 2014 – Jaime Bustillo Gálvez Interview

Jaime Bustillo Gàlvez was interviewed about Nereidas project during the “2nd MedPorts 2014″, in Marrakech on 23-24 April.

What is Nereidas?”

It is a project that tries to demonstrate how the ecological services in a area can be used to reduce the ecological impact of the port activities , to improve the compatibility between development and environmental protect; but not only that. The forward step is to produce a duplicate of the pilot that we made in  Melilla to other parts of Mediterranean. So we check which are the ecological services that are produced and we develop a system to how the environmental is affecting them and then we select which are the best ecological services that we can use in the reduction and then we can check if they are producing what we are expecting. So the general idea is that  you have another way to reduce your impact with a lower cost because you don’t have to do anything because nature is working for you .

“Are you going to export your project to other ports?”

Well,we want to fulfill the project and let’s see if we have something exportable. We think that we have a possibility, the aim of the project is to facilitate to other projects that the INEA is trying to support in EU area and giving to European Community another tool to working with that. This in the final point. If at the end we will have an e-business will be welcome.