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The influence of ports as key central nodes of local and territorial development is definitive. Moreover, Port Authorities, in their role of managers of Port Communities must lead the evolution of SMEs at ports towards new business and management models based on sustainability from the social, environmental and economical perspectives. In this manner, Mediterranean Port Authorities must promote initiatives aligned with the reduction of energy resources and the improvement of energy efficiency in order to surpass technological barriers at port-city areas. GREENBERTH aims to enhance these actions focused on the key processes involved at ports which include vessels and berth operations, which produce important impacts in the MED area regions.


Nereidas Workshop in Malaga

Reconciling economic growth and environment protection: restoration techniques and decarbonisation

European ports are the main door of access to enter Europe and Middle-East territories for transports from all over the world. The growth of sea traffic introduces critical points in terms of environmental sustainability concerning harbors as central location of import/export traffic. (more…)

NEREIDAS project kickoff in Melilla

The kickoff meeting of NEREIDAS was developed in Melilla, 7 to 9 January with the participation of the project office of NEREIDAS of INEA. The Innovation & Networks Executive Agency (INEA) is the successor of the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA). (more…)